In this 53rd edition of the International Paris Air Show Le Bourget 2019, MTorres will show its latest technological developments. Among them, lamination equipment for composite materials, where this company is a world leader in the aeronautical industry

Recently, MTorres has launched new developments that offer  a very attractive combination of highly productive and flexible technology with a low global investment, including external items such as foundation costs, footprint reduction  and others.


In this edition of Le Bourget, MTorres presents the following technological developments:


- A new On-line inspection system with the state-of-the-art technology to identify defects with the broadest menu on the market.


- HD-Preg


- AFP multitape system with a tape width range up to more than 2 "and with multifunction heads capable of managing more than 24 tapes in different types of materials (prepreg, dry fiber and thermoplastics), with a laminating capacity of more than 300 kg/hour.



And finally, we also present connectivity technologies between machines that allow, through Big Data management, highly effective predictive maintenance.



Also, robotic applications in lamination (AFP-ATL) and riveting systems for Carbon Fiber structures.


On the other hand, MTorres continues developing innovative automated assembly systems focused on reducing current costs.


On top of that, MTorres will present in this edition a new automated manufacturing process without mold for composite monocoque fuselajes, a totally new disruptive technology of manufacturing. 


We are so looking forward to welcoming you at Hall 1 - Stand E336..