Two robotic AFPs ready for both Thermoplastic and Thermoset materials lamination have been built for R&D applciations at Leonardo and COMAC.

The well-known continuous MTorres R&D ef­forts has led over the past few years to obtain results which our customers already are profiting from. Both, Leonardo in Italy and COMAC in China are receiving one Robotic AFP each from MTorres, for their own R&D activities related to Lamination of Car­bon Fiber material, both with Ther­moset as well as Thermoplastic Capa­bilities. 


These machines will be ready for operation over the next few weeks and, they both include all the knowledge and experience MTorres has accumulated over the years about AFP solutions to lay down thermoset materials, as well as the expertise acquired after several years of R&D activities to develop AFP solutions for Thermoplastic, either with in-situ consolidation or not.


One more time, MTorres has taken a leading position on anything related to Lamination equipment strengthen­ing even further the already remarkably strong position within the Aerospace Industry around the world. It won´t be the last step on that direction.