An essential contribution to provide consistently highest quality at lowest parts cost gained by a lower invest and increased productivity.

The 2D TORRESLAYUP combines highest flexibility comprising of a number of High-Tech MTorres’ standard components such as the highly reliable and most productive ATL head and a number of very beneficial optional components, functions and elements MTorres has developed within its very long experience in the field of automated lamination. However, the novelty is the light weight integrated gantry/vacuum table system that does not require any cost intensive foundation works.


It is the most attractive combination of a highly productive, supremely flexible and latest technologies combining MTorres’ ATL system in the market when looking into the production of smaller sized 2D parts. Also, and besides the alluring lower cost for the machine itself, the overall investment to be looked at, including peripheral subjects such as costly foundation works, footprint and others, is reduced to the minimum.


The 2D TORRESLAYUP system completes the overall MTorres’ portfolio of the already wide range of various TORRESLAYUP architectures. Besides 3D gantries, high rail and column systems as well as cantilever and robot based platforms, it was the only configuration in the broad range of ATL systems MTorres had offered, but had not been delivered to any customer until then.


MTorres has delivered this system to a new customer, PATRIA AEROSTRUCTURES O.Y. located in Finland. Who’s machine has been producing since march 2016.


Since then, and just within a very few months after the first contract signature, two additional and very relevant long term target references, GKN Munich and Austrian based company FACC, have decided to expand their fabrications with the MTorres 2D TORRESLAYUP system.


With all this new and important customers, we are increasing further our presence in new customers and new countries as well as the global network is strengthening our position in the European as well as in the full worldwide market.