Innovation + Talent + Solutions


Pioneers in innovation

To continue our success as the premier provider of design engineering and technical services to the industries we serve, while maintaining the highest level of integrity as we grow. We provide the best working environment possible and treat all relationships with respect and professionalism. We apply the highest standards of excellence to our work and we develop and support enthusiastically satisfied customers.


Global Technology Leader

To be a global technological leader in automation of manufacturing processes, mainly in composite materials, being able to meet new requirements of our customers, penetrating new markets, and achieving a Company with strong and sustainable growth.


Our identity

The innovation is part of MTorres DNA, supports the way of thinking and behaviour its professionals in a creative and innovative way to the customer’s advantage, assuming new technological challenges and a certain sense of urgency to achieve results quickly.

The MTorres employees always act with professional excellence, in a framework of integrity and customer focus that leads them to fulfill their engagements with added value and surpassing customers’ expectations.

The MTorres employees work as a team, sharing their knowledge, skills and experiences, and they struggle together to develop their talent for the attainment of common objectives.

MTorres pursues a long term business growth, with the ultimate goal of creating value for all stakeholders and promote prosperity and progress of customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and society.

We are a company with the capacity to innovate, attract talent and provide our outstanding customers with leading solutions


We work from a solid belief: We grow by means of our strengths