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Spare parts



MTorres has changed to adapt to the new situation by offering its customers a revolutionary global proposal based on connectivity and services. In addition to its well known wide range of products for the aerospace industry, MTorres now highlights its complete spectrum of solutions and integral services offering.

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On Line Inspection [OLI]






The MTorres inspection on line provides a best in class capability in-process inspection system of the AFP lay-up process in real time. Its main characteristics are:


● Increases Overall Equipment Efficiency by reducing inspection time.

● Creates a digital twin of the as built component, guaranteeing  traceability.

● Quality stamp of the part online, no data collection on paper, saves time.

● Detects all defects listed in lay-up norms.


Integrated within 4.0 Torresfactory solution for further analysis and optimization of the complete lay-up process end-to-end.



Torresfactory is a solution to optimize the manufacturing process of carbon fiber parts.


Thanks to the On Line Inspection system we are able to measure all the necessary parameters in the lamination process. The Torresfactory API allows us to:


● Maximize the productivity and efficiency of the machines (KPIs)

● Extend lifetime of the asset

● Optimize the maintenance plan of the machines

● Create a “digital record of the part”

● Speed up new process developments (KPPs) of the customers


Taking advantage of the latest technology in connectivity and augmented reality, we have evolved our customer support service.


We use multiplatform devices (smart glasses, web, cell phones) that allow us to provide support in real time at the customer's facilities without the need to move the expert technicians. In this way we are able to:


● Perform diagnostics.

● Solve a wide range of incidents.

● Support operation or maintenance tasks in less time and in a more efficient way.