The world's most comprehensive range of solutions for aircraft automatic assembly jigs.




Software HMI

HMI applications are developed to create user friendly interfaces that allow the machine operator to execute complex manufacturing processes.

MTORRES HMI’S are specifically designed for each application providing the maximum flexibility and quick learning curve for operators. The range of HMI solutions include Process and Machine User Interfaces, in which all the station processes are sequenced and displayed graphically in the form of a workflow.

These are the main features:

  • Process workflow.
  • Integrated management of data and tools: part programs, part measurements, tool measurements, tool life, tool wear.
  • Integrated management of measuring devices: laser trackers, laser radar, indoor GPS, artificial vision cameras, NDI or contact probes.
  • Full system monitoring, including maintenance / diagnosis visualizations: alarms, operational statuses of electrical circuit breakers, operational tests.
  • Process reports generation.



Software Sistema de Posicionamiento de Torres

MTORRES has developed a software package for the completely automatic asse.

The Torres Positioning System, TPS, kernel integrates a measuring system module, a path calculation module and a positioning control module. The main objective is to allow the positioning of parts of any size and shape in the space by means of the automatic calculation of trajectories for the elements that support the parts, avoiding any deformation during their movement.

Since 2000, TPS has been used successfully in several projects, and it has proved to achieve optimal results in the assembly of different aircraft structures: fuselage parts, wings and stabilizers.
As a result of this experience, current versions include tens of positioning algorithms that can be applied out of the box to most of the positioning problems in the aerospace industry: best-fit assembly, wing/stabilizer integration matching both mechanical and aerodynamical criteria, etc.


Production Management

Software Gestión de la producción/mes

MTORRES has developed an easy to deploy MES solution (Manufacturing Execution System).

MTORRES MES provides a complete tool to implement Lean Manufacturing strategies.

MTORRES PMS (Production Management System) is based on job templates which assign station processes to each section to be produced. Theses processes are entered as tasks. Production management is based on task planning and execution control. MTORRES PMS allows real time visualization of manufacturing progress and reporting of execution times.