Ultrasonic Inspection Machine
TORRESSONIC provides a frame in which several ultrasonic scanning applications can be implemented, from water-jet thru-transmission equipment to pulse-echo, and phased-array systems for large aircraft structural parts NDI.
Torressonic Ultrasonic Inspection machine


Ultrasonic Inspection Machine

TORRESSONIC concept provides a harmonic set of accurate, stiff and reliable mechanics, control electronics and software subsystems, working together to make an advanced ultrasonic unit to scan a part capturing data according to a defined strategy.

TORRESSONIC system are always customized and built on any architecture to fulfil specific customer requirements, in particular those related to productivity and cost effectiveness.

MTORRES has signed a collaboration agreement with another well-known Spanish company named TECNATOM in order to join their capabilities for developing and supplying high added value inspection systems.

THE DATA:  The Ultrasonic Inspection Technology is necessary technology at the aerospace industry to manufacture Carbon Fiber components.

The conventional NDI Technologies, Pulse-Echo and Thru transmission, either via water jet or immersion, either single channel or multichannel, are well proven and available.

In addition Multichannel Phased Array Technology is also available and has been integrated and is operational in the latest TORRESONIC installations.

About TECNATOM: It is a company incorporated in Madrid, Spain in 1970 and work ever since in developing and building Ultrasonic Inspection Systems for the Nuclear Industry.

Under the agreement with MTORRES, the TECNATOM deep know how and expertise on the fields of end effectors, electronics and software for NDI systems is made available to our customers by integrating them on the TORRESONIC machine.


Main feature

Different machine architectures integrating different inspection technologies cover for inspection need of any aerospace component

The Ultrasonic Inspection Machine TORRESONIC is specifically designed with the proper architecture for each application, integrating on such architecture the desired inspection technology (Thru Transmission, Pulse Echo, Phase Array, etc.) fully matching the solution to the need.


  • As per customer specifications


  • Automatic defect evaluation
  • Automatic end effector changer
  • Rototranslation system
  • Defect marking system
  • Flexible part holding (Special TORRESTOOL®)
  • Robotic special cell water suction system
  • Automatic cleaning
  • MTorres post-processor
  • Production support service


  • Ultrasonic Inspection of Carbon Fiber made aerospace components.


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