5 Axis Gantry Laser Scribing Machine with Flexible Tooling S
TORRESLASER® 5-axes gantry DNC-CNC high speed Laser machine series has been specially designed for high speed laser Maskant cutting for chemical milling process of aircraft Aluminium structural components. The TORRESTOOL® provides the maximum flexibility.
Torreslaser Laser Scribing Machine with Flexible Tooling S


Flexibility and efficiency guides to leadership.

The well proven sturdy and, torsion free gantry concept enables the machine to provide the maximum acceleration-deceleration at the highest feed rates.

A low power CO2 laser resonator set up on the machine provides appropriate power, mode and beam quality for optimal maskant cutting and maximum feed rates.

TORRESLASER® Gantry Laser Machines are built in various sizes to meet customer needs.

THE DATA:  M. Torres has an absolute leading position in the market for Laser Scribing solutions for Chemical Milling, for the past two decades.

The TORRESLASER® 5 axes High Speed Laser Machine can be integrated with different solutions to fulfil the particular requirements of the customers, as far as part/tooling handling is concerned.

A fully automated palletized system integrated/interfaced with the TORRESLASER® allows the automatic management of hard tooling. However, the most flexible solution for parts machining is integrating the TORRESLASER® with a TORRESTOOL®, flexible tooling system.

The TORRESLASER® system may be delivered with a simulation software to minimize ready to work time and the risk of collisions. Optionally postprocessor for both the TORRESLASER® can be provided to generate the par program.


Main feature

Flexibility and efficiency guides to leadership.

The TORRESLASER plus TORRETOOL cell provides de highest degree of productivity and flexibility for laser scribing within chemical milling process. Its extreme flexibility allows it to adapt immediately to virtually any part shape, removing the need of traditional hard tooling.   


  • Built in various sizes with or without TORRESTOOL® to meet the customer requirements and specifications


  • Special attachments for leading edges scribing
  • Closed circuit TV
  • Rototranslation system
  • Temperature compensation system
  • Wireless pendant
  • MTorres post-processor
  • Production support service


  • Laser scribing for Chemical Milling process.


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