MTorres has been appointed as the responsible to build the wings, the spars and the central wing box of the new MS21. And what was a project some years ago, now it is a reality.

In 2012 Aerocomposit was appointed as the responsible to build the wings of the new MS21. This was a new Russian program of a series of three twin-engines with a capacity between 150 and 230 passengers, planned to be 10-15% more efficient than other same class aircraft, with 15% structural weight reduction advantage, 20% lower operating costs, and 15% lower fuel consumption.


One of the main reasons for it, and the novelty of this program, was that the wings were defined to be built using a very new technology of dry carbon fiber material layup plus a newly developed infusion process.


At that time, MTorres was selected as the only supplier for Automatic Fiber Placement solution for the manufacturing of the wing skins, spars and Central Wing Box (CWB) panels. And what was a really challenging project two years ago, today it is a reality.


MTorres is proud to announce that after two intensive years of research and design the machine is completely developed and in production, after having produced the complete and complex wing, with geometries (radius, ramps,…) that are unthinkable for prepreg material.