Last May, AVIC Hongdu and MTorres ended with great succes the integration of the first set of fuselages of the aircraft C919, developped by COMAC.

The fuselage has been assembled and integrated in the AVIC HONGDU facilities in Nanchang (China). It is also there where in some months the integration of the biggest high contour part of the fuselage, the manufacture and assembly of cargo and aft passenger doors will be done.

MTorres has participated in this assembly line by defining all the needed processes for the final integration of several fuselages: the smallest ones as the stringers and the clips and the assembly of complexer subproducts as the superpannels. Moreover, we have developed the advanced concepts of more than 40 process-defined stations and substations and we have provided value-added equipment.

The customer has shown in several occasions his satisfaction with the work developed by MTorres mostly due to the integration capability shown by MTorres for succeeding in important assembly lines developments for different aircrafts as the one for AVIC HONGDU.