MTorres welcomed this afternoon the visit of His Majesty Philip VI to the facilities in Torres de Elorz. During an intense afternoon, the monarch had the opportunity to learn about the work of this company, world leader in automation of industrial processes for the aerospace structures production and for the paper converting sector.

Manuel Torres, accompanied by the Navarre government President, Uxue Barkos; the Navarre government Finance Vicepresident, Manu Ayerdi; the Government delegate, Carmen Alba; the president of Torres de Elorz council, Santiago Molinero; and the Minister of Development, José Luis Ábalos, showed His Majesty the technology developed by his company, one of the most admired in the Spanish aeronautical industry.


After a brief presentation on the latest technological developments, His Majesty visited the production plants. Firstly, HRH entered into the machines heads assembly area. After checking the meticulous work of the employees, HRH witnessed the operation of a Torresfiberlayup, an automatic fiberplacement machine designed for the manufacture of aeronautical components in carbon fiber. His head composed by rolls allows the carbón fiber positioning with a high level of productivity. Specifically, the demonstration was carried out on a machine that will soon be installed in TAQNIA, a Saudi Arabian customer where MTorres has started an intense commercial activity.


His Majesty continued the visit by stopping, for a moment, in a tissue paper conversion machine. This will be delivered to one of the most important customers of the Paper Division, Kimberly Clark.


At the exit of the production plant, the King shared a moment with the members of the works Committee formed by representatives of different unions. After greeting them, union delegates were able to speak with the Monarch some of their concerns about the staff and business development.

The King got very impressed when entered into the R & D laboratory chaired by our Torreswing, a new automated manufacturing process without mold for monocoque fuselages in composite material. This new totally disruptive manufacturing technology was awarded with the JEC Innovation Awards, in the category "Aerospace - Process", in the last edition of the JEC World held in Paris, in March.


Before leaving, HRH was interested in knowing how the engineering technical office works. There, one of our colleagues from MTorres explained how a machine is designed and what requirements are necessary to develop this job.


Philip VI planted a magnolia tree as a souvenir of his visit. It is a robust tree that can reach a height of almost 30 meters and in which its flowers stand out for their elegance and aroma. The chalice of this flower has a trio of sepals that emulate the fleur de lys, the heraldic symbol of the house of the Bourbons. Manuel Torres explained to our Monarch that, every year, as soon as the first magnolias bloom, these will be sent as a gift to Royal House, offering a gift that will be renewed each spring. After this momento, the MTorres staff took a picture with His Majesty.


Also as a gift, the Monarch received a copy of the sculpture that presides over the MTorres facilities and that was designed by the sculptor Carlos Ciriza.


Although MTorres is a leader engineering company, its project of education in values for early ages, which involves the participation of employees’ children in the First Lego League, is a personal commitment of its President. Therefore, several members of these teams explained to His Majesty how they prepare their competitions and how they put teamwork into practice, their commitment to projects and their solidarity to improve society through their scientific projects. The children delivered to His Majesty two t-shirts and two caps with the Mechatronic Ants* logo team as a gift for the Princess Leonor and Princess Sofia.


Finally, after signing in the company's honor book, a hundred employees attended a cocktail with His Majesty. It was the moment chosen by Manuel Torres to give a toast in HRH honor.