New Talents
The Incredibles Squirrels won last Saturday May 7th the first position in the category of Young Promises at the FLL Open European Championship 2016 held in Tenerife (Canary Island, Spain).

In a festive atmosphere, very colorful and exciting, our Squirrels got the recognition and affection of the judges as well as other participating teams. Their way to express themselves and communicate in English with the international jury in each of the defenses they had to do in the various projects: scientific, technical and core values. This along with the good performance they did on the robot table, earned them the international recognition as the best team in its category.


It was admired their facility to relate and communicate to all visitors who passed through the booth team, the ideas of their scientific project having as a technical support the fantastic visual model they had made. And even more, how they played games and shared activities with other teams.


Also, the fans who accompanied them, the most exciting of all. Especially their mums whose sympathy, photocall, dressing up and their songs encouraged the team at all time and got the attention of the cameras of the event and all the participants in the stands.


A success that the team deserved after a long season of hard work and effort.


Congratulations and get ready for the next challenge!