The Technical University of Cartagena (south of Spain), following the request of its Graphic Expression Department, has unanimously approved the appointment of Manuel Torres as Doctor Honoris Causa by this university center. Undoubtedly, this is a great importance recognition as comes from one of the places where future professionals are trained in values to serve society.

The University itself has stated that "it is not easy to describe all the scientific and professional merits that make Manuel Torres named as Doctor Honoris Causa by the UPCT, given his long career, based on his professional career and commitment to the UPCT and society, it is understood that Manuel Torres deserves such appointment". 


The university statement continues explaining that "Manuel Torres became an entrepreneur to savor creativity. He began to work as a child, in the garden of Murcia, showing his concern to know about everything that fell into his hands. And this has not stopped; enjoy developing creativity explains the successes and failures, which have also been disappointments. This enjoyment for the unknown has been an important source of knowledge, of a person and a company that has given much more than can be expressed in these written lines.


His professional career, together with a strong commitment to the academic institution since 1997, together also with the creation of the MTorres-UPCT Technology Chair in 2014, from where all the activities that requires intense collaboration between the Company and the University are organised, make the University understands that Manuel Torres is worthy of the maximum recognition that can be granted by a Spanish university.


For all of the above, Manuel Torres is a reference model for all members of the university community, for the transformation that the Spanish Universities are following, and also for being a mirror where the new entrepreneurial students can look at”.


The most sincere, warm and effusive congratulations to our Chairman.