New Talents
Mechatronic Ants was the overall winner of the Grand Final of the First Lego League in Spain, held in Girona this weekend with 48 teams from different autonomies. Also, the team from Fuente Alamo, Incredible Squirrels, won the first prize of professional courtesy category. The team from Navarra will go for the World Festival of St. Louis (Missouri, USA) this April, where last year they won the table and robot missions and got second place in the absolute classification. Meanwhile, Incredible Squirrels will be worth in the Open European Champiomship in Tenerife, in May.

The 'Ants' trashed punctuation marks in the table robot missions setting a new national record and getting three scores that even the worst of them would have been more than enough to be winners.


However, the robot is not everything. Everything is the behavior of the robot, the scientific project, technical project and draft values. At the end of the competition, the surprise came too:  the 'Ants' got the highest rating in each of the boxes that evaluate the different disciplines. Can you have something better, something more?. It is true that the 'Ants' in their appearances, have laid bare what is their secret weapon: excitement. But it is also true that you have to feed that excitement, live it, internalize it ... and that, so far, any other team makes it better than these guys who have returned to amaze everyone.


And then, there are the 'Squirrels', the small team from Murcia who is setting a target which limit is unknown. Based on their success, they keep going resolutely, impetuous, almost insulting but always with innocence and shamelessness according to their early age. They had a most worthy classification in the table robot-despite they did not have their best day-, but they were impressived in the presentation of their scientific project and core values. You have to see them dressed up, creating the ambience, fully immersed in their roles, with a presentation that goes directly to the judges’ soul. These small 'Squirrels' have not only surprised us again but have also consolidated their presence, for the second year in international tournaments. Keep an eye on this group, Squirrels are called Incredible ... and can become a real nightmare for other teams.


Congratulations to both teams and their coaches. Congratulations to MTorres Foundation for their dedication and support to the MTorres Firts Lego League teams and to the ownership of the company for encouraging this initiative that gives air in our daily business. Also, congratulations and thanks to the children’s parents, who plan their spare time depending on the training schedules.


As our president, Manuel Torres, said in Málaga to the kings of Spain when he got the National Innovation Award: 'Nobody said it would be easy'. So that, it has not been easy but every effort committed to this dream has been very rewarding, with all the excitement that we have been able to invent.