Last October 7th, the authorities of the state of Washington presided over by the governor, the Honorable Jay Inslee, along with representatives of the Industrial Group MTorres celebrated the ground breaking of the new Center, located in Everett, Washington, where the new MTorres America facilities will be placed.

The Honorable Jay Inslee, Governor of the State of Washington, presided over the ground breaking adding his congratulations and acknowledgment to the international cooperation the new Center symbolizes to the State. “This is an exciting time for the aerospace industry and I am so pleased that MTorres, a company specializing in innovation, decided to put down roots in America, right here in the most innovative state in the nation”, Gov. Jay Inslee said. “I welcome MTorres to our state and I look forward to what they will do for Everett, Snohomish County and the entire state of Washington”.


Eduardo Torres, Chairman, MTorres America, said that the new Center will embody the three core values of MTorres: innovation, commitment and team.  “Today we celebrate together those values and continuation of a journey and a vision my father, Manuel Torres, began over 41 years ago, when he founded the company.  He believes today as he has always believed…that each one of us possesses unique creativity and thinking that brings new ideas in an innovative and valuable way to the world in which we are citizens”, said.


The Governor joined over 200 special guests who celebrated an important company milestone.  Guests included Dave Somers Snohomish County Executive, Scott Murphy Everett City Council President, and Luis Fernando Esteban Honorary Counsel Kingdom of Spain, key customers, and educational partners from the University of Washington.


The new Center will enable MTorres and its customers to work collaboratively on important research and development areas including the latest robotic applications in the fields of composite manufacturing, drilling and filling and collaborative robot technology in assembly.  This Center is a critical enabler to design and build systems that are safer, more efficient and delivering the highest levels of productivity, all of which are prerequisites for success in today’s competitive global airplane market.


MTorres’ decision to continue its growth in Washington State is based upon the strength of the state and local government’s commitment to the creation of a pro-business climate dedicated to investing in programs which insures MTorres access to a skilled and highly productive workforce.   


The new Center is a 70,000 square foot, state of the art facility, focused upon advancing the future of aerospace manufacturing. It will be home for 120 MTorres employees serving its U.S. customer’s with unique MTorres solutions including advanced engineering design services, process development expertise, manufacturing, assembly, test and integration of equipment, tooling and integrated systems.


At the event, Luis Izco, Managing Director, MTorres Group, said that “together we stay at the forefront of technology and together we bring our unique MTorres brand of innovation in helping our customers design and build the next generation of aerospace production systems. Systems that are safer, more efficient and delivering higher levels of productivity, all of which are prerequisites for success in today’s competitive global airplane market."