Last October 2014, MTorres signed an important contract with a NEW customer, PATRIA AEROSTRUCTURES O.Y. located in Halli, Finland (about 250 km North from Helsinki) for the delivery of a NEW 2D TORRESLAYUP product.

This is a great success after quite some years of having been in close contact with PATRIA having intensified the relationship over the last 12 months providing a lot of information and simulation data. Besides PATRIA being a new customer, the product is a special 2D TORRESLAYUP system lay-out completing MTorres’ already wide range of various TORRESLAYUP configurations. 

PATRIA is a first tier supplier for a number of important Airbus programs such as the A 380 for which they provide the composite wing spoilers being exclusively responsible for their design and analysis, verification, manufacture and product support. 

The MTorres’ 2D TORRESLAYUP system is going to be an essential contributor to provide a consistently highest quality at lowest parts cost also gained through the increased throughput rate (productivity) fabricating the existing and future composite components for PATRIA’s customers.