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MTorres et le placement de fibres automatique hybride Le Journal du composite 25.04.2016 Download
Thermoplastic wings on the horizon? by Sara Black Composites World 01.07.2016 Download
Lasing on the wing by Matthew Dole Laser Systems Europe 20.12.2016 Download
Fifth anniversary of Aire Newspaper - MTorres Congratulations Periódico AIRE 04.05.2017 Download
MTorres, Tecnología rupturista Avion Revue 25.05.2017 Download
A Spanish company creates a system to build up one-piece fuselages El País 29.05.2017 Download
A one piece fuselage for aircraft industry La Opinión 29.05.2017 Download
MTorres makes the world's first one-piece fuselage La Verdad 29.05.2017 Download
Manuel Torres interviewed after being awarded with the Best business trajectory Award Actualidad Económica 26.10.2017 Download
Multifunctional Embosser - MTorres Tissue Tissue Magazine 29.06.2018 Download
A complete paradigm shift in aircraft construction - Composites World by Sara Black Composites World 31.07.2018 Download
Infused wing shed light on aerocomposites future - Composites World by Jeff Sloan Composites World 31.08.2018 Download