Logsaws Consumer


Consumer - SAWTECH230


For consumer rolls, the log saw SAWTECH230, is provided with a servo driven log guide system that allows for excellent control of the log as it is being cut, so there is no risk of short or long rolls. The new trim elimination system, which combines vacuum belts on the top and a support belt on the bottom, allows the customer to produce either soft or hard rolls.


Logsaws MTorres Tissue


Model Speed Log Diameter Clamps Nr. of Lanes Rolls Density
PROTECH120 Up to 120 cuts/min 120-350 mm (4.7” – 13.8”) Universal 1 Up to 320 kg/m3 (20#/ft3)
SAWTECH230 Up to 230 cuts/min

90-200 mm (3.5” – 7.9”)


90-220 mm (3.5” – 8.7”)
Universal 2-4-5 Up to 250 kg/m3 (15.6#/ft3)