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Professional - PROTECH120


The PROTECH120 log saw is a new cutting concept for industrial rolls with a vertical arm movement driven by dual transmission belts. It is capable of cutting industrial rolls with diameter up to 350 mm (13.8”) and with a density up to 320 kg/m3 (20 lbs/ft3).  An innovative clamping system enabling diameter change from the panel, and the independent drive for both the arm and blade complete the PROTECH100 log saw, which can achieve a speed up to 120 cuts/min.


Logsaws MTorres Tissue


Model Speed Log Diameter Clamps Nr. of Lanes Rolls Density
PROTECH120 Up to 120 cuts/min 120-350 mm (4.7” – 13.8”) Universal 1 Up to 320 kg/m3 (20#/ft3)
SAWTECH230 Up to 230 cuts/min

90-200 mm (3.5” – 7.9”)


90-220 mm  (3.5” – 8.7”)
Universal 2-4-5 Up to 250 kg/m3 (15.6#/ft3)