SW 1 - Carbon fiber


Automatic tape layer programming software torlay

software 01

TORLAY is a CATIA V5 fully integrated application developed by M. Torres to allow the creation of CNC part programs for the TORRESLAYUP in an easy and user friendly manner. It allows the programmer to use all the initial tooling designs that they have in CATIA V5 without any loss of information due to CAD format.

The programmer enters a number of parameters into the system to generate the tape trajectory using base surfaces, ply contours and laying orientations. It helps the user to define machine and material constrains (minimum length, allowed cutting angles, minimum tape with, etc) to easily obtain a executable CNC program. Other laying parameters such as scrap area, flow area, clear surface, laying feed rates, etc can also be determined from the TORLAY application.

TORLAY displays what the ply will look like based on the parameters that the programmer entered for him/her to depurate the ply by modifying those parameters.