SW 2 - Carbon fiber


Automatic fiber placement programming software torfiber

software 02

As in the case of the Tape Layer Machine, TORFIBER is a CATIA V5 fully integrated application developed by M. Torres to allow the creation of CNC part programs for the TORRESFIBERLAYUP in an easy and user friendly manner. It allows the programmer to use all the initial tooling designs that they have in CATIA V5 without any loss of information due to CAD format.
The programmer enters parameters into the TORFIBER program to complete the ply definition. The system is very comprehensive and flexible allowing the programmer to take different laying strategies.
Again, the system displays the ply on the screen for the programmer to analyze and eventually modify some of the parameters entered to obtain a fully satisfactory and machine doable ply.
The integrated software allows the creation of machine executable files directly from the DELMIA V5 environment.
TORFIBER application generates all the laying process information in the CATProcess document,  in DELMIA environment. It also post processes the information in the CATProcess document to generate CNC file.