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Consumer & Professional - TAILTECH50 SWING


The TAILTECH50 SWING can be used for both consumer and professional products, with an extended range of 90 mm (3.5”) to 350 mm (13.8”). This version can reach the speed of 50 logs/min. The tail is opened by means of two rolls.  Two belts (upper and lower) transport the open log to the gluing area.  When the log reaches the slot on the glue tank, a blade is activated and applies glue to the entire log. Two sealing rolls generate pressure on the log, thus closing the tail. The log is then pushed towards the accumulator through speed differential of the rolls.  By varying the speed of the rolls it is possible to position the glued tail so that no contamination is generated on the  accumulator buckets.


Model Speed Log Diameter
TAILTECH15 PRO Up to 15 logs/min 120-350 mm (4.7” – 13.8”)
TAILTECH60 CON Up to 60 logs/min 90-200 mm (3.5” –  7.9”)
TAILTECH50 SWING Up to 50 logs/min 90-350 mm (3.5” - 13.8”)