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Professional - TAILTECH15 PRO


The TAILTECH15 PRO tail sealer is specifically designed for professional products, and applies a line of glue on logs with a diameter range of 120 mm (4.7”) to 350 mm (13.8”), and a maximum of 15 logs/min.  The patented system is comprised of a shaft with rotating arms that positions the log in the gluing station. No mechanical adjustment is required to change log diameters. Sealing of the log is accomplished by a glue gun. All main movements of the tail sealer are controlled by servo motors.


Tailtech15 Pro


Model Speed Log Diameter
TAILTECH15 PRO Up to 15 logs/min 120-350 mm (4.7” – 13.8”)
TAILTECH60 CON Up to 60 logs/min 90-200 mm (3.5” –  7.9”)
TAILTECH50 SWING Up to 50 logs/min 90-350 mm (3.5” - 13.8”)