Paper Converting
Duplex Unwind-Stand
A heavy-duty Unwinder ensuring an optimal operation and an easy control by the operator.

Opcional features

  • Automatic roll loading with core finder. 
  • Automatic roll alignment. 
  • Other customized performances. 



Duplex Unwind-Stand 

TGR series is a heavy-duty, shaftless ‘floor pick-up’ unwinder available for a broad variety of materials over a wide range of roll widths and diameters.

MTORRES TGR unwinders can unwind in both directions by means of pneumatic brakes or motor driven chucks capable to run at high speeds.

The two arms move independently through motor driven spindles for loading, unloading and alignment of the rolls so that it is very easy to run a variety of web widths. A safe system limits the axial force when chucking the roll. The up/down movements of the arms are done by hydraulic cylinders.


DATA:  The TGR unwinder is designed to work with paper rolls up to 2.500 kg and run at speeds up to 400 mpm.


Manual or automatic versions

The floor pickup roll loading can be done manually by the operator or otherwise the TGR can incorporate additional equipment for automatic roll chucking, also including an automatic core expulsion system. A core finder device allows automatic chucking of rolls with different diameters.

Main feature

Simplicity, robustness and functionality 

All the movements of the arms are done by hydraulic cylinders.

Standard features

  • Floor pickup roll loading.
  • Shaftless chucking.
  • Bidirectional unwind capability.
  • Pneumatic brakes or motor driven chucks.
  • Expandable chucks 


Splice, Load and Unload

  • Automatic splice.
  • Stop time 0 sec.
  • Automatic core unloading


  • Peso bobinas
    Reel weight
    Up to 2.500 kg.
  • Diámetro
    Maximum reel diameter
    Up to 1.600 mm.

  • Ancho de papel Paper Width
    Up to 1.400 mm.