After the death of Manuel Torres, our founder, President and colleague, last November 5th, we have received a great number of messages of affection and fondness, which have confirmed to us the humanity and closeness Manuel Torres displayed in his personal relationships.

There have been so many displays of fondness and affection towards our President, so highly sincere and deep demonstrations, that we believe we must send our condolences to all the social environment he created and nurtured with his relationships, always so close and humane. We are extremely grateful for your messages and remain united in the grief resulting from his departure.


Certainly, it is clear that Manuel Torres has been an international inspiration over the last 45 years, both on the technological and the business side. He was a visionary, an entrepreneur with a great deal of vitality in the constant search of new challenges. All of this, along with a profound personal and humane integrity, full of unwavering values and principles which have been honoured with various recognized awards, the most appreciated prize being your endearing words towards himself and his Company.


Those who worked with him and those who didn’t, knew him as a faithful companion with an admirable driving force who pursued his dreams and fought to better society.


Now we are left with the challenge of following the path he has staked out and illuminated for us, as well as give a response to his legacy. We will follow in his footsteps and he will be with us in this new phase.


Always in our hearts, with great admiration, pride and the greatest respect.


His family and colleagues.




Manuel Torres, president and founder of the MTorres industrial group, received yesterday in Madrid the Award in the category of Aeronautics, given by TEDAE (Spanish Association of Defenses, Security, Aeronautics and Space Technologies). This recognizes his contribution to the expansion of the industrial and technological capabilities for the aeronautical sector, through a business activity linked to the development of industrial automation systems and the machine-tool sector, creating an industrial group with more than 800 people -80% highly qualified technicians- and exporting to more than 60 countries with 650 customers. The award, an sculture, was given by Javier Álvarez Vara, former president of the company Construcciones Aeronáuticas, CASA.


The event, held at the Rafael del Pino Foundation Auditorium, was attended by nearly 300 representatives from the business world, from the Administration, and from institutions and companies related to the Defense, Security, Aeronautics and Space industries. Ten years of TEDAE were commemorated with the delivery, for the first time, of six awards to people and institutions that have contributed decisively to the development of the industry.


The awards

The TEDAE Awards contemplate six different awards: from Professional Career to categories of Defense, Aeronautics, Security and Space and also, an award to the Professional Future.

Estefanía Matesanz, Dean of the Official Association of Aeronautical Engineers of Spain, received the award for the Professional Future; the defense prize has been awarded to Antonio Rodríguez Rodríguez, and the Security to the Civil Guard, which in 2019 turns 175 years guaranteeing the protection of citizens.

As said, Manuel Torres, president and founder of the MTorres group, has been awarded the TEDAE Aeronautics Award and in the category of Space was received by the astrophysicist Álvaro Giménez. And, finally, the TEDAE Prize for Professional Career has gone to Pedro Pintó, a true pioneer of the space sector in Spain and a master of many current managers of the aerospace industry.


Ten years of TEDAE

Ten years have passed since the Defense, Security, Aeronautics and Space companies decided to join forces and establish TEDAE as one single voice of the Industry within the Administration, European and international institutions, organizations and society in general. Ten years since its predecessors ATECMA, AFARMADE and PROESPACIO decided to join and become TEDAE.


During these years TEDAE has worked to support the economic growth of our country, responding to the needs of customers who make use of our technologies. A work that also give visibility to the four industrial sectors integrated into TEDAE and give society a greater knowledge of the association and how much and good these companies are contributing in our day to day, to our well-being.


On the occasion of its 10th Anniversary, the association decided to convene the first edition of the TEDAE Awards to distinguish people and institutions whose technical, management, business, informative or academic work contributes in a relevant way to the development of Defense industry and technologies, Aeronautics, Security and Space.






MTorres’ teams Legotronic Beavers and Electronic Falcons have been awarded in the Spanish Grand Final held this weekend in Tenerife (Canary Island). The team from Torres de Elorz plant was the best on the robot missions table and reached the yellow cup in Robot Behaviour plus the second place in the general classification. That gave them the passport to Detroit to compete in the World Festival of the United States. On the other hand, Fuente Álamo plant's team got the sixth place in the robot classification - out of a total of 56 teams - and won the yellow cup of the Mechanical Design Winner.


Such a great participation of our teams in the Spanish final! They managed to recover the first places they got a few years ago. Also, they are expecting to collect more cups in the world tournaments that will be held in just one month. Our most sincere congratulations to all the members of the teams, players and coaches.


This season, the Final event, which brought together around 1,600 people, was held at the Magma Arte y Conferences building and was attended by more than 900 young people, who presented their scientific and core values projects, and robots. The competition, organized by the local government - through the Tenerife area 2030 and INtech Tenerife - and the Scientia Foundation, is considered to be the largest meeting of science, robotics and values ​​in Spain and was supported by more than 200 volunteers.


During the final, the teams had to solve the proposed Challenge in the three areas of FLL work: scientific project, robot game and core values. Thus, they had to develop a scientific project that explained and detailed their innovative solution as an option to improve the problem.





The Chairman and founder of the company MTorres, Mr. Manuel Torres, has been distinguished with the TEDAE Aeronautics Award due to his contribution to the expansion of industrial and technological capabilities for the aeronautical sector.

The jury of these awards highlighted the professional career of Manuel Torres, always linked to the development of industrial automation systems and the machine-tools sector, creating an industrial group that has more than 800 employees - 80% highly qualified technicians - and that it exports to more than 65 countries.


As a celebration of its tenth anniversary, the Spanish Association of Technological Companies of Defense, Security, Aeronautics and Space (TEDAE) organizes its first annual awards to distinguish people and institutions whose technical, management, business, educational or academic work contributes in a relevant way to the development of the industry and the technologies of Defense, Aeronautics, Security and Space.


The award ceremony will take place on March 28th, 2019, at the Rafael del Pino Auditorium in Madrid (Spain).








During his visit to the Region of Murcia (South of Spain), and in front of a group of 75 students from High School, the minister highlighted the importance of education for science development. Manuel Torres and the university rector Alejandro Diaz were the hosts of the day.

The doors of the MTorres plant, in the Fuente Alamo technology park, opened yesterday to welcome the Minister of Science, Innovation and Universities, Mr. Pedro Duque. He was able to learn more about the work carried out by MTorres in the design, development and machinery installation for the manufacture of aeronautical components, as well as tools and assembly systems. He atended also presentation of company R & D projects, five challenges, which face the current needs of society.


The chairman of the company, Manuel Torres, had the opportunity to show the minister the latest developments of the company based on the possibility of adapting manufacturing systems in composite materials to the naval sector.


The minister also attended a demonstration of the First Lego League teams -Electronic Falcons and Incredible Squirrels- who participate in this global competition. 


The Fuente Álamo plant also hosted during this visit a group of 75 students from several High Schools from this Spanish region. All of them listened to the minister in a brief talk where he wanted to highlight the importance of education in the science development and the need to transfer this knowledge from university to the business and social network.






Our company has achieved the SafeContractor accreditation in recognition of its high standards and practices in the field of Health and Safety.

Achieving this award implies a long process in which companies are evaluated according to the Alcumus SafeContractor criteria, which recognizes very rigorous standards in terms of health and safety management. This accreditation is required and appreciated by many companies in the United Kingdom, including some of our main customers such as Rolls Royce.


We hope that the status of SafeContractor, a reflection of MTorres' long commitment to health and safety, may contribute positively to the company's activity.



About Alcumus SafeContractor


Alcumus SafeContractor is a leading third-party accreditation scheme that recognizes extremely rigorous standards in health and safety management among contractors. It is used by thousands of organizations in the United Kingdom, including SMEs and FTSE 100 companies.


Achieving accreditation involves a long process in which companies are evaluated according to the Charter SAFEcontractor standards. The standards not only cover basic elements such as policies, risk assessment and first aid, but also include specific requirements related to the activity for which accreditation is sought. SAFEcontractor is operated by international specialists in risk management for safety, health and the environment, the National Britannia Group and allows potential or existing customers to compare performance in terms of safety and health.






MTorres welcomed this afternoon the visit of His Majesty Philip VI to the facilities in Torres de Elorz. During an intense afternoon, the monarch had the opportunity to learn about the work of this company, world leader in automation of industrial processes for the aerospace structures production and for the paper converting sector.

Manuel Torres, accompanied by the Navarre government President, Uxue Barkos; the Navarre government Finance Vicepresident, Manu Ayerdi; the Government delegate, Carmen Alba; the president of Torres de Elorz council, Santiago Molinero; and the Minister of Development, José Luis Ábalos, showed His Majesty the technology developed by his company, one of the most admired in the Spanish aeronautical industry.


After a brief presentation on the latest technological developments, His Majesty visited the production plants. Firstly, HRH entered into the machines heads assembly area. After checking the meticulous work of the employees, HRH witnessed the operation of a Torresfiberlayup, an automatic fiberplacement machine designed for the manufacture of aeronautical components in carbon fiber. His head composed by rolls allows the carbón fiber positioning with a high level of productivity. Specifically, the demonstration was carried out on a machine that will soon be installed in TAQNIA, a Saudi Arabian customer where MTorres has started an intense commercial activity.


His Majesty continued the visit by stopping, for a moment, in a tissue paper conversion machine. This will be delivered to one of the most important customers of the Paper Division, Kimberly Clark.


At the exit of the production plant, the King shared a moment with the members of the works Committee formed by representatives of different unions. After greeting them, union delegates were able to speak with the Monarch some of their concerns about the staff and business development.

The King got very impressed when entered into the R & D laboratory chaired by our Torreswing, a new automated manufacturing process without mold for monocoque fuselages in composite material. This new totally disruptive manufacturing technology was awarded with the JEC Innovation Awards, in the category "Aerospace - Process", in the last edition of the JEC World held in Paris, in March.


Before leaving, HRH was interested in knowing how the engineering technical office works. There, one of our colleagues from MTorres explained how a machine is designed and what requirements are necessary to develop this job.


Philip VI planted a magnolia tree as a souvenir of his visit. It is a robust tree that can reach a height of almost 30 meters and in which its flowers stand out for their elegance and aroma. The chalice of this flower has a trio of sepals that emulate the fleur de lys, the heraldic symbol of the house of the Bourbons. Manuel Torres explained to our Monarch that, every year, as soon as the first magnolias bloom, these will be sent as a gift to Royal House, offering a gift that will be renewed each spring. After this momento, the MTorres staff took a picture with His Majesty.


Also as a gift, the Monarch received a copy of the sculpture that presides over the MTorres facilities and that was designed by the sculptor Carlos Ciriza.


Although MTorres is a leader engineering company, its project of education in values for early ages, which involves the participation of employees’ children in the First Lego League, is a personal commitment of its President. Therefore, several members of these teams explained to His Majesty how they prepare their competitions and how they put teamwork into practice, their commitment to projects and their solidarity to improve society through their scientific projects. The children delivered to His Majesty two t-shirts and two caps with the Mechatronic Ants* logo team as a gift for the Princess Leonor and Princess Sofia.


Finally, after signing in the company's honor book, a hundred employees attended a cocktail with His Majesty. It was the moment chosen by Manuel Torres to give a toast in HRH honor.




The executive vice president of MTorres has been selected as the winner of the Women's Entrepreneurial Challenge Award 2018 of CaixaBank in our state, Navarra, due to her professional and business career. With this award, she aspires to be the Spanish representative in the IWEC International Awards 2018 that will be held in Shanghai on September 9th, along with 219 other business women from 39 countries.

The main aim of this award is to give visibility to female leaders in the corporate world. A jury formed by executives from CaixaBank in Navarra chose the application of Yolanda Torres in the territorial phase of this award after identifying and evaluating different proposals.


After the territorial phase, a jury formed by the Diversity Committee of CaixaBank, composed of directive members of the Management Committee and by leaders of the diversity projects will choose among the 14 Spanish states' winners the representative in the IWEC Awards 2018.




Yolanda Torres, managing an industrial group present in more than 70 countries


Yolanda Torres, who studied Law at the University of Navarra and Labor Relations at the Public University of Navarra, has practically developed her entire professional career in the MTorres Group, in which she agreed to the Board of Directors of MTorres in 2010. Her training is completed with the Advance Management Program (AMP) of IE in 2005 and the General Management Program (PDG) of IESE in 2008, among other studies. Since 2017, she is the executive vice president of the company.


In addition, Yolanda Torres, who is a member of the Territorial Advisory Council of CaixaBank in Navarra, formed the MTorres Foundation in 2013, of which she is the director. Among its main actions of social responsibility, we find educational and talent development programs focused on children, as well as collaborative projects with developing countries.



The IWEC international awards


The International Women's Entrepreneurial Challenge (IWEC) is a global network of leading women entrepreneurs from around the world, who hold ownership of their own companies and cooperate globally to help create and distribute wealth in the world business. Each year, within this Conference, the prestigious IWEC international awards are given to recognize and support women entrepreneurs from all over the world, while at the same time it is a boost in their professional development towards the international market. Among other aspects, the IWEC awards aim to increase the visibility, credibility and responsibility of women entrepreneurs, so that they can represent an important and decisive part in the development of the 21st century global economy.









Over 200 employees, customers, and partners from business, government and academia joined together to celebrate the Grand Opening celebration of the MTorres America Innovation Center in Everett, WA.


The day was especially exciting and memorable as Mr. Torres presided over the day’s event while being able to witness the reality of his vision launched years ago:  “Planting Roots in the U.S.”  The Grand Opening included several customers including Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Triumph Aerostructures, Safran Landing Gear Systems, and many others.   


The highest honor MTorres could receive is to be acknowledged by its customers.  Mr. Willy Gerry, Vice President, Advanced Manufacturing - Automation and Tooling for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, was a special guest speaker. Over the past 2 years, MTorres and the Boeing team have worked closely to implement important projects for the 777X Wing including the Spar Assembly System, AFP Systems for Stringers and the Stringer Bond Assembly System. Mr. Gerry to not only offered Boeing’s congratulations to MTorres for its team work together with Boeing on the 777X but as well for the importance of the MTorres & Boeing partnership for the future success of both companies.  The partnership is key to both companies’ strategies of driving innovation for enabling, more efficient future manufacturing systems.  


The audience enjoyed special acknowledgements from important MTorres partners who have been instrumental in positioning the company for future success.   One important partner and friend of MTorres who shared in this celebration was The Honorable Luis Fernando, the Spanish Counsel to the U.S.  For over 30 years, Mr. Fernando has been a leading advocate for building cooperation between Spain and the U.S.   His role has been especially important in working with Mr. Torres in creating new relationships with key leaders of the Seattle business community, including Boeing.   It was an extra special day that we could share the celebration with several senior leaders from the Boeing 777X program. 


As each week passes, the vision of Mr. Torres is further realized for the leading role MTorres will play in the U.S. Aerospace and Defense market plance and MTorres customers.




The Spanish magazine Actualidad Economica that belongs to the Expansion Comunication group, has awarded our president Manuel Torres with the award for the Best Business Path in the Region of Murcia (South of Spain).

The award ceremony will be held next November 23th in the Promenade restaurant of Murcia where the president of the Region of Murcia, Fernando López Miras, will deliver the award to Manuel Torres.

Following this award, the magazine Actualidad Económica has published an extensive interview of Manuel Torres that you can read on the following link:


Interview to Manuel Torres published on Actualidad Económica magazine



Actualidad Económica magazine

Actualidad Económica is the key magazine of the Spanish economic press. Next year 2018 it will turn 60 years old. Defensor of liberal economic thought, it is owned by the Unidad Editorial group, which also controls other Spanish publications such as El Mundo, Expansión, Marca and Telva, as well as the Veo7 television network, the Radio Marca radio station and La Sfera de los Libros publishing house.


This magazine regularly publishes specials issues, such as Who's Who and The 5,000 Largest Spanish Companies. It also publishes different reports related to economic sectors, business management or specific aspects of various Spanish regions. In addition, it includes every issue, a dossier related to a specific sector of economic activity.


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