Automatic Unwinders


NSS Automatic Unwinders MTorres Tissue


The NSS is a center-driven unwinder that allows automatic splicing during reel changes with no down time, and guarantees a low and constant web tension immediately after the unwinding section. Instead of a conventional belted solution we use an innovative center-driven system that maintains sheet caliper and reduces dust. Because of  its modular design, it is capable of working with one or more plies. Reel loading is achieved by an overhead crane. The NSS is a perfect solution for installations with limited machine direction space.



  • Extra Ply
  • Automatic Web Alignment
  • Carbon Fiber Rolls
  • Higher Splice Speed (up to line speed)
  • Core Handling System
  • Device for quick chuck diameter change


Splice Speed Production Speed Paper Width Reel Diameter
Up to 100 mpm
(330 fpm)
Up to 760 mpm
(2500 fpm)

Up to 1060 mpm
(3480 fpm)
Up to 2750 mm(110”)

Up to 2850 mm (112’’)
Up to 2500 mm