MTorres Tissue

From reels to rolls






Corewinder Coretech140 MTorres Tissue


The CORETECH140  corewinder is equipped with a single servo driven toothed blade and inclination of the forming belt from panel. It  can produce consumer and away-from home cores. By changing the value of penetration of the blade in the cores, it is possible to cut from 1 to 6 plies. Core formation is handled by a separate motor (in the high speed version, each forming pulley is driven by separate motors as well as the toothed blade) and it can be equipped with water cooling system for the mandrel. Unwinders to be selected according to the type of production.


Model Speed Core Diameter Number of Plies
CORETECH140 Up to 140 mpm(460 fpm) 25-90 mm (0.98” – 3.5”) 1-3 for Consumer/ 3-6 for Professional