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Embossers MTorres Tissue


The MULTIFUNCTIONAL embosser is the innovative solution for making P/P and Nested product with tool-less changeover in 20 minutes.  The embosser is equipped with independent motors for each of the main rolls enabling speed variation of the steel rolls and of the gluing unit, according to the amount of glue to be applied to the paper. The pressure and nip adjustments are controlled from the HMI. The laminating system incorporates a carbon fiber doctor blade with an extremely lightweight and compact design to facilitate maintenance. The marrying roll and the upper steel roll have an automatic cleaning system that consists of a rotating brush and lubrication. Composed by two rubber to steel nips, a gluing unit, a marrying roll, plus an additional nip for P/P rolls, it can be equipped with the automatic change of the steel rolls option with a changeover in only 10 minutes, where a roll storage is positioned behind the embosser being accessible for operators.


Model Speed Roll diameter Flexless rubber rolls Automatic timing of steel rolls
Multifunctional 450 450 mpm (1475 fpm) 350 mm (13.8”) Optional Included
Multifunctional 600 600 mpm (2000 fpm) 445 mm (17.5”) Optional Included
Multifunctional 700 700 mpm (2300 fpm)
445/500 mm (17.5”-19.7”) Included Included


Embossers MTorres Tissue