Qué son los nuevos talentos

In MTorres, we have opted for technical and scientific training of the children of our employees.

In these times those companies that consider that their markets are to be found outside of Spain are enduring a severe handicap due to the degradation of the ‘Spain Brand’ (marca España). Therefore, we must make much more of an effort in order to compete while transmitting confidence on the markets and before our clients. Hence, so as to win-over the confidence of our clients at MTorres we have pledged our firm commitment on technical and scientific training of our employees’ children. With this action we are demonstrating that we are wagering on the future further beyond our own future.


After having sponsored this session of young students in that pertaining to scientific research and innovation during a period of two years, the company decided to participate with its own teams in the First Lego League® challenge.


We count with the most valuable and brightest thing that life can offer us: our children. If we teach them to become part of a team that will help them to develop in balance, then we are stimulating their capacity for creativity and transformation of the natural resources, which in turn will bring about more fair and just distribution and solidarity amongst all of us. So let us provide them with the power, enthusiasm and the means to achieve this.  


Educating and training our children is not just merely teaching them how to behave or to have a profession. Educating and training actually offers them the capacity to think, to decide on their own so that their freedom will remain intact. Thus in this manner they will be capable of developing, creating and transforming all that surrounds them. This is the philosophy on which the First Lego League is based and the philosophy to which MTorres ascribed. Every weekend a group of boys and girls develops their talent to create and transform Lego parts into sophisticated robots. Their dedication and relentless drive for self-improvement remind us that the commitment to our children represents a wager on the future.  


They can indeed be considered as the embryo of the company’s reserve team, because they actually form part of the educational program ‘learning to be enterprising’ (aprender a emprender), which consists in resolving several challenges while working together to find solutions. Isn’t that what we do at MTorres? We must never lose the energy that children and teenagers have to confront new challenges. Let us never forget that sense of curiosity of those who discover something for the very first time.


Nuevos Talentos

The embryo of the company’s reserve team, because they form part of an educational program based on ‘learning to be enterprising’ that consists in resolving several challenges while working together to find solutions.

40 Boys & Girls, and 5 Teams