Paper Converting
LTS 590
Constant web tension splicer
Medium-high speed and high performance splicer.
Máquina Torres LTS 590


Maximum performance and reliability


LTS 590, constant web tension automatic splicer. ¿Do you want to see how it works?

Optional features

  • Automatic web alignment.
  • Modem access.
  • ‘Running off the core’.
  • Automatic splicing in register.
  • Other customized performances.
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LTS-590 MTorres splicer

LTS-590 is a medium-high speed and high performance splicer with different configurations for different splice speeds up to 450 mpm (1,500 fpm). It is ideal for paper, paperboard and other rigid materials as laminates in processes of printing and coating-extrusion and applications such as liquid packaging.

LTS-590 MTORRES splicer in its typical configuration is suitable for floor pick-up unwinds.

Butt splice unit
LTS-590 uses horizontal motion to move to the different splice preparation positions. Thanks to a vacuum system in the preparation bars and to an ergonomic design the operator can make the splice preparation easy and rapid.

Multiple festoon
Depending on splice speed requirement the splicer can incorporate a double, triple or quadruple festoon for paper storage and feeds the web at top speed during the ‘zero-speed’ splice cycle. All rollers are aluminum rollers with surface treatment where needed.

The festoon consists of a floating system of rollers coupled to a clutch. The exit web tension is set by an electronic adjustment of the torque in the clutch.

DATA:  Ability to work with the option “RUNNING OFF the core”, it means, the paper can be run out the core completely.

Web tension control
The second function of the festoon is to act as a dancer roller during the unwinding process to keep the web tension constant, and absorb any sudden tension variations that might occur.

A Pull&Brake unit controlled by an AC motor with frequency variator helps to control the web tension. The deviation in position of the festoon with respect to the set point corrects the speed of the pull&brake unit. During the splice cycle the Pull&Brake unit accelerates the new roll, maintaining the web tension constant at the exit of the splicer.


Main feature


Controlled by an AC motor with frequency variator, its speed depends on the line speed, corrected by the equilibrium position of the festoon. During the splice cycle it accelerates the new roll, maintaining the web tension constant at the exit of the splicer at all times.

Standard features

  • Transfer is made allowing line to remain at top speeds, increasing productivity and decreasing waste.
  • Maximum performance and reliability.
  • Butt splice or overlap without tail.
  • Constant web tension.
  • Programmable automatic splicing:
    - By distance or diameter.
    - At end of reel.
  • Easy threading.
  • Automatic reel alignment.
  • Touch screen control panel.

Splice, Load and Unload

  • Automatic splicer.
  • Splicing speed 450 m/min (1500 fpm).
  • Stop time 0 sec.
  • Automatic core unloading.


  • Reel Speed
    Up to 350 m/min., 1,200 fpm.

  • Paper Width
    2.850 mm., 112''.



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