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TorresHYBRID film splicer
Modular system with a configurable Unwinder-Splicer with a reduced footprint.
Máquina TorresHybrid




Our engineers devised a machine-based system that incorporates cars unwinding unit and the splicer. Do you want to see how it works?

Optional Features

  • Automatic reel loading/unloading system
  • Run off of the core splicing generates zero waste
  • Double tape splice
  • On angle splice
  • Flag control (splice in register)
  • Automatic web alignment
  • Remote  access
  • Automatic preparation system


TorresHYBRID film splicer

TorresHYBRID is a modular system with a configurable Unwinder-Splicer with a reduced footprint.  TorresHYBRID is equipped with the new patented Torres splice system, which allows high speed splicing with no interruption to the converting line (printing, laminating, extrusion, or any other process).

The advantages of the new system TorresHYBRID brings increased productivity, with high quality splicing at high speed, taking care of even the most delicate webs.

The patented new splice system allows the TorresHYBRID to perfectly join the two webs without stopping the line.  This results in a reduction of paper stored, reduced footprint, and maintains the quality of a zero-speed splice.

DATA:  The TorresHYBRID splicer is able to carry out a butt splice at speeds up to 200 mpm (650 fpm) without and additional festoon.

The TorresHYBRID runs the Mtorres web tension control system based on AC motor center driven unwinding, and guaranteeing a constant web tension allowing high quality production for the most demanding processes.

The TorresHYBRID is highly automated using high-tech components with low maintenance needed.

The precision rollers use lightweight technology aluminium idlers with the lightest weight, most highly engineered components available in the industry. This allows the equipment to run faster, smoother, cooler, and with less whip, due to the lighter weight and a unique 3D balancing process.

The experience of Mtorres in multiple markets has provided knowledge to help focus this new technology on improving production line performance in a reduced footprint.  The capability of MTorres engineering and technical resources are all dedicated on the TorresHYBRID becoming a new favourite of our clients and guaranteeing market satisfaction.


Main feature

Minimum space, same conditions

Thanks to a new splicing concept, the TorresHYBRID drastically reduces the space needed (layout) for operating in same speed and reels size conditions. 

Standard features

  • High quality splice, butt or overlap without tail.
  • Auto splice trigger.
  • Mtorres’ highly sensitive constant web tension control.
  • Semi-auto threading system.
  • Waste-reduction  system.
  • Touch panel with diagnosis and control systems.
  • Simple and repetitive splice preparation process.
  • Specific rollers; high precision, light weight and low inertia.
  • Capable of unwinding in both directions.
  • Shaft-less unwind.
  • Customized control  equipment for your process.
  • Safety systems are fully  integrated.
  • Dimensions  easily customizable.
  • Easily install for new lines and easy retrofits for existing lines.
  • Modular design with reduced footprint for small spaces.


  • Max. Splice speed
    Up to 600 mpm., 2,000 fpm.

  • Max. Line speed
    Up to 750 mpm., 2,460 fpm.
  • Peso bobinas
    Reel Weight
    Up to 2.800 kg., 6,160 lb.
  • Diámetro
    Max. Reel Diameter
    Up to 1.550 mm., 60''.

  • Paper Width
    Up to 1.700 mm., 67''.


You'll find all the technical information specified in the product catalog.


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